October 6th, 2008


Friday Fun

Since I am going to tell you all about Friday, I will consider it a Friday 5.

1) It is supposed to take me 3 hours to get to Portland. It took 6 1/2. To go 11 miles, it took 3 hours, becuase of a wreck.

2) It was worth it just to hang out with my critique partner, cyn2write</lj> ! We had so much fun! Because we...

3) Went to Powell's Books, the mega-indy book store in downtown Portland. Here is a picture for proof:

I am hugging the incredibly amazing bookshelves. They had SO MANY ya books! 7 Copies of laurenbarnholdt</lj> 's FOUR TRUTHS AND A LIE! Five copies of adamselzer</lj> 's PIRATES OF A RETAIL WASTELAND! It was great.

4) We had a great dinner! And Drinks! And I needed the drinks, becuase of the traffic.

5) I completed my Video-Log while driving the car. Yes, i am serious. You will see what I mean tonight when I upload it. :-)