September 11th, 2008


Fall Round Up

Okay, blackaire</lj>  reminded me that I have not done a Fall Round Up for my TV. And um, sadly, i think this list is going to be far too long. But I like to have something half-way entertaining to watch while rolling around on the floor with my toddler, pretending to be hiding behind big plastic barns, or being shocked when a ball, erm, bounces. (And don't get me started on her ice cream truck toy. I have been singing "Ice Cream Truck, doo doo doo doo, on your street, doo doo doo doo, chose your flavor, doo doo doo, What a Treat!" for a month straight.)

Anywho, the lineup, in no particular order:

Gossip Girl. A must. My favorite show. Mostly for all the fabulous one-liners. "Mothertrucker!" (although meg cabot says the line is "motherchucker". Which is correct?)

One Tree Hill. Because as jenlyn_b</lj>  says, they are batcrap crazy. And I love it. Vegas Weddings! Pop stars and NBA players! Crazy nannies who kidnap children!

90210. This one may peter out. The writing is not there. But, I have hopes it will pick up. Eventually.

America's Next Top Model. I've come to the realization I always root for the blonde girls, even when they get brown dye jobs in the makeover episode. Does that make me hair-prejudiced?

House. Still love this show, but I'm not quite obsessed with it like i once was. i think they should have kept the old team.
The Office. Can. not. wait. for new episodes.

The Hills. Although, I am considering striking from watching this show just becuase LC is apparently now a YA author.

The ChallengeThe Island. I always love RR/Real World challenges. And this one is SWEEEEEET.

Fringe. yep, gotta see where they are going with it. No one spoil the first episode for me-- its still on the DVR. But my husband has raved about it, so I have to watch it.