August 22nd, 2008


Drumroll please...


Last night I turned in my revisions!!!!

These things were killer. 4 weeks of non-stop work. And the tough part was, i have a day job and a 15 month old, so I did all my writing on the train commute, or between 8:30 and 10:30PM, after dear daughter went to bed. 

I hope everyone will cross their fingers-- if my editor wants another round of revisions, I'm bumping to 2010. EEK! 

My revisions, by the numbers:

Number of pages in revision letter: 11
Number of days spent on my private island in revisionland: 31
Number of pages added to PRADA AND PREJUDICE: 42
Number of words added: 9,000
Number of words added, deleted, rewritten, and deleted again: too many to count.
Number of emails sent to

cyn2write, freaking out over revisions: WAY too many to count.  
Number of drafts I am now up to: 10
Number of times I want to revise this manuscript again: 0. 

So, wish me luck. In 7 days I'll know if I'm moving on to line edits--and keeping my 2009 release.