August 21st, 2008


Letters from me

Dear Mr. Bill Gates,

When you created windows, you tried your best to save us from ourselves. Every time we do something stupid, a little warning pops up and asks us questions to be sure we realize what we're doing.

So why, for the love of god, do you allow us to open word docs from our emails, work on them for three hours, and then save them into a temporary location, never to be seen again? And yes, I knew just where to look for my temporary documents. My laptop firmly believes I worked on absolutely nothing on August 19th. Even though i worked until well past 11Pm. 

I spent all of yesterday's revision time redoing the things I did on Tuesday. You suck.


Dear Ms. Editor.

No worries. I'll totally have my revisions in tonight, as promised. I hope you really really love them, and we can move on to line edits, becuase after two years, I'm ready to be done with revising.