August 19th, 2008


Back Cover Copy

So, I found out yesterday that I need to get my author photos, acknowledgements, and dedication in by September 15th. Which means,  uh, I need to go get my photo taken. And write my Ack's. And my dedication. ha. 

Also, my editor told me that they are working on the catalogue copy and the cover copy. This is the summary/blurb that you'll read if you flip the book over. (They probably use a shorter version for the catalogue.) I'm so excited to see what they come up with! It's really strange to think industry professionals are going to sit around steaming up ways to make my book sound delisciously exciting, ensuring teens do not put it back down after they flip it over to see what its about. 

I have three more days until deadline, and things are shaping up,  but my nervousness level is shaping up right with it. I KNOW the book is stronger. I KNOW it's been streamlined and the tension has heightened and the confusing parts ironed out.

But I also KNOW I have to nail EVERYTHING, not just SOME of it,  to keep my 2009 date. Hence the nerves.