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August 13th, 2008

Prada news part two

So, I didn't fill y'all in on the rest of the Prada news yesterday! 

I got a rough version of my cover!! Tres Exciting!

But no, I can't share it with you. :-(. It's really not done and I haven't been "approved' to be able to share it, so I'm sorry to dangle the news and not give you a peek. Alot could change before it's final.

I will give you hints!

A) It is not pink. However, the color could change, so who knows? 

B) There are heels. 

C)My name appears in the cutest little banner at the top. 

Okay that's all I can share!! 


PS-> I finished the second (and biggest) revision go-through of PRADA AND PREJUDICE--the chapter-by-chapter story arc issues. Now I'm moving on to Phase 3: The general, larger, sweeping issues. 9 days left until deadline!
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The Latest News:

New Deal: Imogen Howson's LINKED sells to S&S BFYR, in a two book pre-empt for six figures.

You Wish is in its Fifth Printing! and Prada and Prejudice is in its Sixth Printing!

New deal: Jessica Martinez' VIRTUOSITY sells to Simon Pulse, at Auction, in a 2 book deal.




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