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August 12th, 2008

Prada release "date"?

In an email today, i found out PRADA AND PREJUDICE should be an "early summer" release. Which to me must be by late June, right?

And then that made me go OMG, less than a year! Ten months! 

I'm so glad things are finally moving forward. Now I just have to *REALLY* nail my revisions so I don't get bumped. 

No presssure, or anything. 

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The Latest News:

New Deal: Imogen Howson's LINKED sells to S&S BFYR, in a two book pre-empt for six figures.

You Wish is in its Fifth Printing! and Prada and Prejudice is in its Sixth Printing!

New deal: Jessica Martinez' VIRTUOSITY sells to Simon Pulse, at Auction, in a 2 book deal.




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