August 11th, 2008


Monday Randoms

I totally spaced on blogging this, but Allie was kind enough to award me the "Awesome Site Award." She says: No matter what your dreams are, you can learn something from Mandy. " How totally, erm, awesome! Thanks Allie. Totally made my day, and I can't believe I didn't link to it earlier!! oops!

In other news, Revisions are going well. Last week i turned in the first fifty pages--in advance of the official deadline--becuase my editor requested them in time for a "sales meeting." Apparently said meeting is for sales people to get familiar with the up and coming titles, and Ms. Editor Extraodinare wanted to give them some sample chapters of PRADA AND PREJUDICE. Hopefully they are up to snuff! 

I have about 70 pages left to get through, which should occur by Friday, and then I will have enough time to go through them yet again over the following week. Last night I finally had a much needed epiphany on how to resolve an issue, so that's good! 

I am expecting my cover in the next month or two, and my contracts, hopefully, by the end of the month-ish. Things are a moving!