August 4th, 2008


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 So, I was in the hospital last night. 


But it was for something lame. Really, really lame.

A migraine. It makes me feel like I cant handle a freaking headache, to say that. 

But it really wasn't "A headache". The headache portion, actually, wasn't too bad. It was negligible. It all started while I was chopping veggies for dinner, and then my vision started to swim. Great big, sparkly shimmery spots took over, until I could barely see the knife or veggies. 

And then I got very, very nauseuas.

And then body parts started going numb. My fingers took turn, in rapid succession, before my face would randomly go numb. 

And then it got diffifcult to understand anyone. So we went to the hospital. And the whole time I was sitting there in my little room, I stared at the lables on the cabinets, and I couldn't read them. I couldn't get my mind around one or two syllabel words. ANd the they'd talk to me, and i'd say, "what?" and after three tries and keeping up with them, I just said "I don't understand" and stopped trying. 

I got blood work and cat scans and they decided it was a migraine. Never mind that the headache was almost non-existant. After several hours I drifted off to sleep and eventually went home, and i feel a little off, but  much better. 

I feel like a total tool, but the can't-see-crap and can't-understand-people and can't-feel-my-hands was the scary part, not the headache.