July 25th, 2008


Revision Letter in my hot little hands.

So, I just got my revision letter for PRADA AND PREJUDICE. 

All eleven pages of it. 

Yes, eleven pages. 

Now, lest you think that means my editor wants me to totally rewrite it, that's not the case. Her ideas are amazing. They'll tighten things up, ratchet up the tension, raise the stakes.... I love it all! 

A lot of people ask how you know if/when you should revise your work. Sometimes agents send lovely personal rejections, or editors have revision requests. 

Only you can know whether to take them into account. There have been ones in the past where I sort of wrinkled my nose and said, "huh?" And then there are ones like this one-- ones that so obviously "get" what you're going for, and they want to see it at the next level. Thigns that make you grin and get excited, because they've thought of things you hadn't, ways to make your  novel stand above the pack.  

I have four weeks to get this puppy in shape. Exactly four weeks. it's going to be another marathon, but wow, when I emerge on the other side, PRADA is going to be one heckuva book. :-)

Oh, and I forgot to say-- my favorite part of the revision letter?

"Welcome to the world of being published....."