July 24th, 2008



So, a while back, I reported that PRADA AND PREJUDICE may be changing the title, much to my chagrin. I didn't get all up and arms or anything, but I was a little concerned.

But I just found out that I will be KEEPING MY TITLE. Yep, its staying PRADA AND PREJUDICE.

Which is good, cus the whole book is about Prada heels and prejudices. I mean, what else could I come up with that tops that? 

I had no idea how worried i was until I read that email and felt the biggest surge of relief and excitement, and I keep grinning, knowing my title is stayin PRADA AND PREJUDICE, and not something really random and weird I'd be stuck with. 

Also, she says they are now hard at work on my cover! What  a great email. :-)