July 16th, 2008


Book Purse

I am coveting this book purse.

Unfortunately, I am COMPLETELY unhandy. It would be way cool to make one of these out of an old hardback of PRIDE & PREJUDICE, wouldn't it? I want to. I really do.

And then i get somewhere on step 6 or so, where you're supposed to cut the fabric, and get hopelessly lost. I'm so uncrafty its not even funny.

Anyone think YOU could handle this? I want to find something REALLY cool to splurge on, when my advance comes in, so I'd be happy to pay you. if I really like it, I might even want to buy another one or two to use in giveaways when my book launches. And credit you, of course, thereby launching an international, multi-million dollar home business.

Just thought I'd ask! :-) Drop me a line.