July 1st, 2008



I'm not officially playing the "where I live" game, but this is the farm I grew up on until I was about 17. The photo was taken standing in the middle of one of the back fields...the barns/house in the far center are ours...it was 80 acres. oh, to have land to roam again!


I still live in the same rural town south west of Seattle. The mountain in the background is Mt. Rainier.   7

Teaser Tuesday....PRADA & PREJUDICE

A teensy snippet from PRADA AND PREJUDICE:

Dinner isn’t going well. It all started when a servant said “dinner is served,” and I walked towards the dining room.

I was the only one. Everyone else had assembled in pairs, and they left me with this elderly guy who’s been nearly silent since I arrived, and whose clothing is very obviously not on par with the others’ expensive attire. As I took his arm and followed the parade into the dining room, I realized that the most important people were at the front… and I was at the back.

Now why did that feel just like high school?

In other news, PRADA is coming along. I have until July 15 to turn in the full, and then my editor will hand me a revision letter by July 21, and I'll have four weeks to master it. I'll keep y'all posted on each step of the way (as i have through the rest of this crazy journey) so stay tuned!