June 20th, 2008


HI y'all!

So, I've been getting a lot of new friends lately (yay!! The more the merrier!!) and today one asked me if I'd be willing to open up myself to questions. 

So, if anyone has any questions, like what brand of macaroni I like best or how I got the idea for Prada & Prejudice or how I got my agent or how i like my steak cooked, fire away! I'll answer anything you'd like to know.


I read THE OTHER BOLEYN GIRL a couple months ago. I really didnt care for it. It felt very much "This happened, and then this happened, and then this happened....." The writer wanted to cover so many years of history that she did it at the expense of active, vivid story telling. The dialogue was absurdly modern, even though I usually like that. (I love Regencys, but prefer the more modern, steamy kind to the "traditionals".) And while the author took a lot of liberties with history, she kept parts that made me dislike characters I was supposed to like-- or at least sympathize with.

But of course, everyone else seemed to love it. And hate the movie.

So i guess its fitting that I loved the movie. Ha. The movie left out all the parts of the book that drove me crazy, and changed things to fit what I would have liked the book to be like. 

Yeah. Movie much better than book, imo.