June 18th, 2008


A rose by any other name

So, there's this secret. Sort of. Not really. But a thing. That I haven't mentioned. 

Prada and Prejudice might not be Prada and Prejudice when it hits shelves. My editor and the rest of the crew at razorbill are considering  changing the title because of the possibility of the "Prada" brand being over done (Thanks a lot, Devil Wears Prada....) Again, they're only considering a title change. My editor really does love the title.

Anyway, the idea of Prada and Prejudice being called something else really suprised me, because across the board, the title has gotten  attention. I've had both editors and agents request it based on title alone, as well as random non-readers who I dont even know blogging about it (discovered it via google).  I always figured that if my book was spine out, the words PRADA AND PREJUDICE would be eye catching enough that someone would check it out and give it a shot.

Prada may very well stay Prada, but just in case, i wanted to throw this request out there. If anyone has any really great ideas, hit me up with a comment.  I'm so married to the current title 'm coming up with nothing, and if they do come back and want it changed, I'd love to have some ideas.

And BTW, here is the blurb for PRADA & PREJUDICE:

Sixteen year old Callie Montgomery is on a class trip in London. By all accounts, she should be having the time of her life--except the part where the other girls keep ditching her, and she's stuck in the hotel alone. When one girl invites her to come along that night to an exclusive night-club, Callie jumps at the chance. She heads out immediately in search of the perfect outfit, and even scores a killer pair of Prada heels. But seconds after putting them on, she slips on the cobbled walkway and crashes to the ground, hitting her head.

When she wakes up, she's inexplicably stuck in 1812, and is forced to take on the role of Rebecca, long-lost friend from America. In no time she's wearing corsets and fancy ball gowns and dancing the night away with high-society. She knows she should concentrate on finding her way home, but how can she do that when she can't stop thinking about the nineteen year old Duke of Harksbury? Of course, there is that pesky pride of his... and then there's Callie's new friend Emily who just so happens to be engaged to a fifty-one year old Baron. Eew! Emily seems to think that only Rebecca can save her from a life of misery. And if its what Rebecca would do, it's what Callie  must do. 

But how exactly is she supposed to manage

Okay, um, its a good thing I don't write my own back cover copy. ha. 

So, if anyone has any new title ideas, fire away!