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June 12th, 2008

My New Editor

So, I just got the chance to talk to my editor for the first time, on the phone. What fun! She was very nice and easy to talk to, and I'm really looking forward to working with her and the rest of the crew at Razorbill. I found out my book will be a Summer 2009 title, which is the best news ever, because that means I'll have great company in that season with my critique partner's debut (the fabulous

cyn2write), FAIRY LUST, which is a Summer '09 title from Delacorte. 

It was really fun talking to her. She recognized the work I had done in revising it, and she said that being able to master revisions was a good quality to have, and it was a big part of why she wanted to sign me. Yay for recognizing hard work! 

She also gave me her number and her email, in case I need anything.

Now I have my own fairly tight deadline, and I'm REALLy ready to dive in and put the rest of Prada & Prejudice on the page. Be prepared for many word-o-meters to start popping up in future entries!



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The Latest News:

New Deal: Imogen Howson's LINKED sells to S&S BFYR, in a two book pre-empt for six figures.

You Wish is in its Fifth Printing! and Prada and Prejudice is in its Sixth Printing!

New deal: Jessica Martinez' VIRTUOSITY sells to Simon Pulse, at Auction, in a 2 book deal.




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