June 9th, 2008



Thing, The first: You guys are all made of awesome. It's been absolutely incredible the kind of support you all have given me. I can't tell you how much it means to me to get so many comments, emails, etc. It's been like a weekend-long celebration online, and I've LOVED signing into my email several times a day to see more comments and messages. . . its made it all so, so real, and I really wish there was a way to show my appreciation!

Thing, the second: jenlyn_bmade me a youtube video that made me cry. And at the risk of exposing myself as a big dork, I don' t mean I was a little teary-eyed. I mean I was laughing and sobbing. The whole journey for me has been so, so long, and I've wanted it so badly that there is simply no way to fully explain with words. And yet Jen kind of did for me, and as I watched it, the whole thing played out again and i became a teensy bit unraveled for a second there as i realized the magnitude of what this whole experience has really been for me. If you'd like to watch it, check it out here:

Thing, the third: My own youtube video, the next installment of my A to Z video blog journey featuring yours truly and cyn2write, will be up in the next couple days. I know it was supposed to be up last week, but Cyn assigned me "THE CALL", and I couldn't very well tell you guys about my call without telling you i got the call, and I wasn't allowed to do that untli Friday. So if you want the deets on how it all played out, watch my video later this week. 

Thanks again guys! I'm really feeling the love over the last few days!
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