June 6th, 2008



So, as of this morning......

I accepted a two book deal with Lexa Hillyer of Razorbill (a division of Penguin). 

YAY! I am so beyond estatic to be working with Lexa. A little background? She's rejected it twice before. Yes, twice. She saw the very first version of PRADA AND PREJUDICE and asked for revisions, which I completed and she felt it had come "a long way' but ultimately passed. I never forgot her long, detailed letters, or the fact that she ended it with "I still think there's a hidden gem here...." So when my agent Zoe suggested it go back to her (after a whopping 22 rejections and a complete and total rewrite), I was excited and hopeful.

It seems that the third try (and the 9th draft) is a charm! 

In case you're wondering, PRADA AND PREJUDICE is about a twenty-first century girl who ends up in regency england and must learn to navigate high society. Oh, and there's a hot--but conceited--duke too. Yum.