June 2nd, 2008



Prada and Prejudice (Razorbill, Summer 2009) , about a modern teen who ends up in Regency England and must learn to navigate high-society--and her growing attraction to the nineteen year old Duke of Harksbury. (Snippets and related blog entries here)

Shattered, about a seventeen year old girl's tumultuous year in an abusive relationship, told in reverse chronological order, reversing the effects of the abuse and unraveling the reasons she fell in love in the first place. Complete @ just under 50,000 words.  (Snippets and related blog entries here)

Getting Caught (co-written with Cyn Balog, author of FAIRY LUST, Delacorte 2009) about  two teenage girls in a prank war that won't end until one of them get's caught. For a competitve Type-A like Lexa Brentwood, getting caught is simply not an option--especially not when it could marr her perfect record and the obvious path to Harvard. For ex-best Friend Jess Hill, the pranks give her an opportunity for revenge on the girl who left her behind. Besides, what's the point of being a rebel if you're not pranking the in-crowd? Complete at 50,000 words. (Snippets and related blog entries here)

Twenty-Five Lies, a modern retelling of Cinderella from the step-sisters point of view, in which the sister dispels the lies you've been told about Cinderella and reveals the truth about the fairy tale. Proposal Complete. (Snippets and related blog entries here

Catch of the Day, about a fifteen year old girl who spends a week on a commercial cabbing vessel in order to discover the truth behind why her father left her behind--while falling for the eighteen year old greenhorn on deck. Complete @ 45,000 words. (Snippets and related blog entries here) 

Yesterday, about a girl who wakes up in bed with her best friend's boyfriend after a night of too much partying... only to realize that her best friend has gone missing and she might be the cause. Proposal Complete.

The Jetsetter's Social Club, about three girls who win a sweepstakes to be personal assistants to three very different celebrities for four weeks. Complete @ 60,000 words. My official trunk novel. (related blog entries here)