May 23rd, 2008


OMG Part two

From the agent this morning-- I asked "Does this mean more than second reads?":

More than second reads - def think we'll have 2 offers  - maybe as many as 4...

itt's good news, but unf I just don't have specifics right now.  I will try my very best to round it all up by Tuesday late afternoon and will give you a call then.

yay!!!! I called Cyn this morning and we squeeeed for a good ten minutes, and then i actually cried for the first time. I was teary yesterday but didn't cry. But after talking to her -- and she totally got it -- and realizing that I know her BECAUSE of writing and she's freaking out as much as I am-- I cried. While driving. I'm such a tool. 

It just hit me, how lucky I am. I actually thought to myself-- Why do I get everything ive ever wanted? How is it that I can be this lucky?

So now I have to make it the whole dang three day weekend. The first time in my life I've been mad it was a holiday weekend!