May 22nd, 2008


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Agent just emailed me with this... i couldnt hear anything anyone said for like a minute and i couldn't breathe and my hands are still shaking:


I just wanted to let you know that I have a lot of heated interest in P&P!!!

Looks like we're going to have multiple offers! I am over the moon for you.

The publishing world will be MIA on Friday and Monday for the holiday
weekend but I will be in touch by Wednesday with more news.

Have a wonderful weekend and I will call you soon!

i dont even have my cell on me today in order to call anyone and freak out!!



First up, the big news:
Zokutou word meter
44,200 / 44,200

So,  yesterday I finished SHATTERED, my literary novel about a teenage girl's tumultuous year with her abusive boyfriend, told in reverse chronological order. I still can't believe the first draft is done, but the little bar says it is!

Yesterday I sent it to a few crit partners.

And then the doubts set in.

High-concept, i can do. Hooks. One liner pitches. Those are my comfort zone. My happy little bubble. I write the kind of thing you read on the beach, the kind of book that will never land on the Newbery honor list, the kind of cover which will never be adorned with a medal. It'll be smashed into cute little purses and backpacks and read in the shade on a summer day.

But literary? Dark, haunting literary? Serious insecurities have set in. Did I pull it off? Is the tone right?

I have to say, I've never felt so much doubt before! Even when i wrote my full-length novel and began querying in 2005, I wasn't this freaked out. But somewhere in the last few weeks, this novel has taken on meaning to me, and I've got butterflies at the idea of people actually reading it, and I actually got NERVOUS when I opened the critique from Cyn. And that's not me! I'm calm, cool, collected. 

But now I'm a quivering pool of insecurity as I await my helpful critquers responses. I was less nervous over the last proposal I sent to my agent-- and her opinion makes or breaks a novel!

Okay, back to my regularly scheduled lunch break.