May 20th, 2008


Shattered-Progress, Teaser Tuesday

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 SHATTERED is winding down, and I hope to have it out for critique towards the end of the week. Today is the three week mark of working on it. 

For teaser tuesday:

Connor puts his hands out to shove Blake but he moves away before he connects, and it makes Connor stumble. I know Connor is holding back. I know he realizes this is a public place and he can’t unleash the anger he’s bottling inside.

They’re so close to cutting loose. So close. They dance around like boxers, but neither of them touch each other.

“What made you do this to her? What do you say to yourself to make it okay?”

“You don’t know what you’re talking about,” Connor says, his voice growing darker, deeper, every time he speaks. Blake is pushing all the right buttons. I can’t believe Connor hasn’t lost it yet.

“You’re turning her into something else. If you love her, you won’t do this anymore. You’ll let her go and you’ll let her get on with her life.”

“Fuck off,” Connor says.

Blake just stares straight at him and shakes his head, a slow, sad shake that seems to last forever.  “You’ll lose her eventually and you’ll know I was right. You’ll know she’s above you.” He turns and looks at me. “You have a choice. You’re better than this.”

And then he turns and leaves me with Connor.

He leaves me with the mess he’s so carelessly made.

Oh, and one last thing! I'm working on my first ever Video Log-- look for it tommorrow! :-)