May 19th, 2008


Nancy Drew and the Sounds in the Trees

So, last night, just as we're getting ready to go to bed with the window wide open and the nice summer breeze, the neighborhood dogs start going CRAZY just barking up a storm. The Hubby decides to investigate, and just as he's walking out, i hear

MEOOOOOWWWWW. Only its kind of like YOOOOWWWWLLLLL, the craziest, loudest cat-like noise I've ever heard. And there are two of them. And they sound like cats on steroids on megaphones.

Husband comes back down the hall: There's something in the trees.
I follow him and we look up and OMG, its huge. Its dusk so I can't tell but OMG, its huge. It's like fifty feet up a giant oak tree, and I can see something moving.
Husband and I stand on the patio below the tree and every time it moves we jump back. We end up inside our house with our heads poking out the sliding glass door, my hand on the handle in case it jumps at our head.


WTF? There are two of them. They look black, but we can't tell. And they are fast.

Hubby: What if its a cougar or something?
Me: I don't know! Its HUGE!

YOOOWWWWL. MEOOOWWWW. Defintely sounds like cat+ steroids+ megaphone.

Me: OMG! IT HAS WINGS!!! I picture a pterodactyl. It sounds like one. Or maybe its the biggest bat anyone has ever seen and its going to suck my blood.
Hubby: It does not! It's a cat!
Me: I swear to you, i saw wings!

And then it moves its head, and all at once, I know what it is:

NO IDEA how two peacocks ended up in my backyard, but I heard them all night. 

We closed the window.6