May 2nd, 2008


Conversations with my agent

Abbreviated versions of my phone call with my agent:

Zoe: Um, yeah. That partial you sent me last month. It was cute...but I just kept thinking "this is cute" and i feel like you can do more.
Me: YAY, I was hoping you'd say that, i'm writing something SO MUCH BETTER just pretend I didn't send you that partial. 

Zoe: Tell me all about the conference!
Me: It was fabulous and I met cool people and YAY, everyone loved me and I loved everyone.

Zoe: I think you shoud be an agent in your next life
Me: yes, i will be an agent and I will be fabulous and I will live in New York. 


As of lunch time:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
15,400 / 45,000

As of bedtime:
Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
18,689 / 45,000
THat makes Two 4K days, followed by Two 5k days. BY my calculations, that means the next two days will be 6K days. Ha. If only.

 And now a teaser of the book that is practically writing itself:

Collapse )

Prada Sub Update # 9,457

Prada should be going out again, in what may be its biggest subimssion cycle yet. See, we've done this two or three editors at a time strategy almost since the start, because it was my second novel. So when someone rejected teh first one, she'd offer something else of mine, and so the subs were always sort of staggered.

But now it is a new book and it is completely rewritten. And while my agent was in her London Book Fair induced haze, I put together some ideas, and I freaked that she might think I was trying to take over her job, but then I sent her the list anyway. And she was into it! 

The one caveat against it is that it is a proposal only. 120 pages + 3 page synopsis. Zoe and I talked about whether I should finish it. I crossed my fingers that she wouldn't insist upon it.

I have written and revised it too many times, and I'm a little weary of it. But she agreed that it wasn't totally insane to pitch the proposal, and all they can do is either insist that they wait until it is done or ask for more if they are iffy, or best case, just buy the damn thing and i'll finish it after they acquire. 

There are at least SIX editors she will be calling up on Monday, which is crazy amazing, considering how long its already been out. 

So.... I will update y'all on Monday as to what the editors say! Wish me luck!