April 29th, 2008


Teaser Tuesday-- "Snow"

 Still waiting to hear from Awesome Agent what she thinks on 25 lies.  In the mean time, i'm still playing with my more literary work....and just today, Cyn gave me the MOST awesome idea for an approach on this...one that gives me new excitement for the story. 

So, just thirty seconds ago, i wrote this:

I lie in pieces on the floor. My things surround me, broken and ugly, and I think my insides must look like they do, all churned up and cracked and unrecognizable. My cheek throbs where he hit it. My lip bleeds. My chest is hollow and empty, as if he ripped out my heart and took it with him when he left, the door slamming so hard the picture frames crashed to the floor.

It is dark now. How long have I been lying here? The blackness reaches the corners of the room and fills everything. Once that darkness was a cocoon, enveloping us and protecting us from the outside world.

Nothing can protect me now. No one can protect me now. I pushed them all away. I lost everything. I gave it to him, and he gave me this.