April 24th, 2008



Working in Seattle is pretty neat. It is the home of Starbucks and Amazon, you know. And we all love amazon. 

So yesterday I'm on the train to go home, and I look over and I see,  A REAL LIVE KINDLE. IN the wild and everything! So i get all excited and am all, "wow, I've never seen one before!" Seat mate smiles and says yes, they're pretty cool, and that is that.

But then five minutes later he's all, "I guess I should ahve asked if you want to check it out." Turns out he works at Amazon and does a lot of the testing of the kindle, making sure things download right and there aren't any bugs. So he shows me all the bells and whistles, and by the end I was salivating over it.

The pros:

* The thing is much bigger than I thought. I figured it was like a PDA sized thing. It's not. Its nice and big but still very thin and light, so the screen is plenty big for your viewing.

*The screen itself. WOW. It actually LOOKS like paper! Seriously! Its not shiny or weird like an ipod screen or a laptop. It has this matte finish so it looks like your'e reading actual paper. I wanted to stroke it.

*You can download books. Anytime. Anywhere. I run out of books on the train all the time, and now with a push of the button and less than a minute, you can get a new one!

*Books are cheaper. Apparently Amazon is constantly scouring the internet for electronic AND print prices and beats them both. NYT bestsellers, even the ones that are still $24.99 in hardback, are only $9.99. Lots of them are $5-8. They even have Lauren Barnholdt's TWO WAY STREET (#67 out of 2, 374 kids books! Go Laur!). 

*You can carry way more books than in your bag/purse/whatever. perfect for long flights!

The Cons:

*It costs $399. Not bad for what it is, but still takes a bite out of the wallet.

*You can't display teh books you bought in your own personal library like little trophies for all your guests to see.