April 14th, 2008


Everything I've written Meme

There's a meme going around about all the books you've written. Sounds like fun. 

1)2003---  "What would you change", my first work, 40,000 words and complete. Typcial first novel in that it was "like my life only better". The first half revolved around my first boyfriend, and then it diverged into a wild story in which he was a POW in a war. ha. 

2) 2003-- "Love is Blind" 50K words, complete-- about a girl in mideival times who is blind and uknowingly falls for the Prince.  Has every cliche in the book. Pardon the pun.

3) 2003-04--  "A Country Christmas", 40K, complete, in which a successful real estate agent from Seattle goes back east for Christmas and falls in love with her ex, even though she's engaged to Seattles Most Eligible Bachelor. Yeah, a little too much "Sweet Home Alabama" to be real fiction. 

4) 2004-- "Frustration", 40K, complete, a totally true story about a guy I dated for a summer and it went all wrong. You can probably tell that by the title. 

5) 2004-- "The Ghosts of Yesterday", around 10K, incomplete. About a girl who sees deaths before they happen courtesy of some helpful ghosts/visions. 

6) 2004- "I'll Mess with Texas", about a bumbling country girl trying to make it in a big city while falling for the one guy who digs her cowboy boots. VERY typical Chick-lit. 40K, incomplete.

7) 2005-- THE BROKEN ROAD, the first book i ever wrote with the intention of pursuing publication. A regency set romance in which a blind artistocrat runs away from her guardian and poses as a servant-- and then an Earl falls for her without knowing who she really is. BAD characterzation/motivation, but someday maybe I'll fix it all. 80,000 words, complete. And yeah, I konw, another blind heroine. Someday I'll pull it off! 

8) 2005-- "The Camp Book', about a pair of twins who get sent to Summer camp so their parents can try and save their marriage-- but only one of them knows the real reason behind their summer away. 10K. Realized it needed to be MG and not YA.

9 ) 2005-- GOING DUTCH, 7,000 words, incomplete (proposal). An attempt at a SASS (students across the seven seas) book for Penguin. Scored a revision letter from the editor, but in the end didn't master her request. 

10) Late 2005/2006-- THE JETSETTERS SOCIAL CLUB, 60K, complete. Scored me my first agent. About three girls who become personal assistants to celebrities for 'one crazy summer' after winning a contest. 

11)  2006-- PRADA AND PREJUDICE (then known as "How to Snag a Duke (and other things I learned in College). complete, 50,000 words, about a twenty-first century girl who must learn to navigate high society in Regency England.  

12) 2006/07-- The Greysbrooke Governess, a regency historical about a fallen aristocrat who must learn to be a successful governess to two unruly chlidren-- while trying not to fall in love with their uncle. I keep going back to this one and plan (eventually) to finish it. 20K or so in, incomplete. 

13) 2007--- The Truth about Ever After, about a girl who realizes he husband is a great one but maybe not THE one, shelved because it didn't stand apart. 10K in.

14) 2006-- HORSE POWER, about a girl who saves a horse bound for slaughter and then competes with the elite despite their disproval, 10K words, incomplete. The tone was coming off very "how-to" about horses and i wasn't sure if a horsey YA would do well. Shelved.

15)  2007-- CATCH OF THE DAY, about a teenage girl who spends a week on a crab fishing boat in the Bering Sea (a la DEADLEST CATCH). Agent felt it was a little too quiet and would need to push it up a notch before she'd send it anywhere, and I'm still not sure what to do with it. Shelved, for now. 

16)2007- GETTING CAUGHT, about two rivals in a prank war that won't end until one of them gets caught, co-written with my critique partner. Have a lot of revision notes to master, but this will eventually go on submissions when the timing is right for both of us. 

17)2008-- YESTERDAY, about a girl who wakes up after a night of partying and can't remember the events of yesterday-- only to learn her best friend has gone missing and she might be the cause, 10K or so in (plus full synopsis), shelved for now.

18)2008-- Leaving Atlantis, in which a girl who grew up in Atlantis (an island of Ice, not an underwater paradise) can't get over her desire to see the world, even though leaving the island is strictly forbidden. 5K in when the computer lost it all and I was so mad i didn't go back to it. Someday I will!

19) Twenty-Five Lies, a cinderella retelling from the Step-sisters point of view, in which she dispells all the lies you've been told about  Cinderella (who isn't as perfect as everyone thinks).  My current WIP. The agent will let me know what she thinks around the 24th of this month. 

20) "Snow" a story about an abusive boyfriend, a few pages in

21) "horse story", about a girl who ends up at a boarding school with a snobby A-list she has no desire to be a part of, but would rather show them up by beating them at their own sport-- Jumping (horses), even though her background is in Rodeo.