March 26th, 2008


Thank GOD, Prada passed the agent's filter!

Just received this in my email, from my agent:


First off - WOW. Mandy, I am so proud of you. You have grown so much as a writer throughout this seemingly endless process. I breezed through your chapters and marveled at your descriptions! It's alive! And Callie flows like the Nile! GREAT WORK!

I loved the getting ready for the dance scene!!! SO VIVID!

I am loving it and am psyched to send it to XXXX with a big red bow around it. Let's shoot for Friday morning, yes?

Just send me the final synopsis and the chapters by tomorrow evening...

Seriously, you've done a wonderful job!

Yay! It's been FOREVER since I've gotten some happy little exclamation points, and I'm psyched she feels so good about this.  I'm really excited about where P&P is now, and how far we've taken it, and I really think I took it in the direction Editor X wanted me to take it. It has SO many more historical details than before, which really make a difference, I think. 

So, yay! Tonight I have to go through and accept any tiny changes she made (a few line edits here and there, but very few) and send it ot her along with the final synopsis--which she already approved. 

FINALLY! Its ready to go. The scary thing? It only took Editor X  three weeks to read the entire book--and get a second read- and respond with her full revision letter, so it could be just a few weeks from now I'll ktnow whether we're sailing forward--or sinking like a rock. 

WIsh me luck!! Send me your good vibes! Get out your magic tricks, whatever you can do!