March 17th, 2008


Prada and Prejudice: Round 9

  Yes, you read that correctly; I'm about to start on draft 9 of Prada and Prejudice.

Overall, the agent liked the new direction and felt like I was on the right track. She had quite a few notes here and there, things to really push it up a notch. On top of that I have some great notes from mindiscott, and between the two I have another week+ of work to do. 

This is a good thing... I always seem to feel better about my work after its been through the ringer and back. I always seem to miss glaring problems until someone points it out, and then I can fix them and feel good about it. 

When I'm done with this, I swear to you I dont want to see this book ever again. Unless it sells, of course. ha. Then I'll make an exception, becuase I'll still have 150 pages to write since this editor is reading and considering based on a proposal.

But seriously, nine drafts over the course of 18 months, and I'm ready to put a feather in its cap and call it macaroni. I've jsut been wrestling it so long its become tiring, becuase its more like treading water than climbing a mountain. And yeah, i'm sure tommorrow I'll take it all back and say I cant wait to work on it some more, but in any case, for now, I'm ready to ace these revisions, send it off,and return to something new and fresh. 

So there you have it. Draft 8 is in the record books, draft 9 is ready to begin.