March 13th, 2008


Historical Research: PRADA & PREJUDICE

For your enjoyment (or, as I like to say, gag me with a spoon), recipes from Regency England:

A Calves foot Pudding
Take 2 calves feet shred them very fine & mix them with a penny grated white loaf being scalded with a pt of cream put to it 1/2 a pd of shred beef suet & 8 eggs an handfull of plumpt currants season it with sweet spice & sugar a little sack & orange flower water the marrow of two bones put it in a veal caul being washed over with ye batter of eggs then wett a cloth & put it therein tye it up close when ye pott boyls put it in boyle it about 2 hours then turn it in a dish stick on it slicd almonds & citron then pour on it sack lemon juice sugar & drawn butter

A Battalia Pye
Take 4 small chickens 4 squob pidgeons 4 suckling rabbits cut them in pieces & season them with savoury spice & lay them in ye pye with 4 sweetbreads slicd & as many sheeps tongues 2 shiverd pallats 2 pair of lambstons or 30 cocks combs with savoury balls & oysters lay on butter & close the pye when tis bakd pour in a Lear

A Calves Head Hasht
Your calves head being slitt & cleansed half boyled & cold cut one side into thin slices & fry it in a pan of brown butter then having a toss pan on the stove with a pt of gravy as much strong broth a quarter of a pt of clarret as much white wine & a handfull of savoury balls 2 or 3 shiverd pallats a pt of oysters cocks combs lambstones & sweet breads boyled blanched & sliced with mushroom truffells & murrells 2 or 3 anchovys as many shallots & faggot of sweetherbs tossed up & stewd together season it with savory spice then scotch ye other side cross & cross flower bast & broyle it.
The Hash being thickened with brown butter put it in ye dish lay over & about it fryd balls of ye tongue slicd & larded with bacon lemon piele & beetroot then fry in ye batter of eggs slicd sweetbreads sippets & oysters lay in ye head & place these on & about ye dish & garnish it with sliced orange & lemon

There's a "KID PYE" too, but I'm pretty sure they're talking about goats. 

Mmmm. Yum.


Project Status-- P&P

I'd just like to say, I am now 100% done with PRADA AND PREJUDICE: THE REVISED EDITION. 

100 pages + Synopsis. I have two days to revise/edit, then it will be on its way to my agent who will look over it over the wekeend. Then I'll get it back, edit some more, and then it will be ready to go. 


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