March 5th, 2008


Three Year Plan Redux

Two years ago (ack! So long!) Nadia Cornier, via her LJ,  said you needed to have a three year plan. A few of us did those. I challenge all of you to go back to January 2006 and see if you did one, and see how your current status compares. 


YEAR ONE: 2006

Finish "I'll Mess with Texas"-- Decided not to do this one afterall, so I'm crossing it off.
Sell one of the above novels, or score the SASS deal. -- Um, yeah, not so much.
Start & Finish a completely new work. { [ aka-- PRADA AND PREJUDICE]
Sign an agent

YEAR TWO: 2007

Continue to write, finishing no less than 3 novels I'm crossing this one off with the idea that '3' has become '2'. At the time I wrote this I had no understanding of the revision process-- had I known how huge it would be, i would not have said three!!
Study the craft AND the business side of writing.
Figure out a good promotions/marketing plan and stick with it.-- Dont have much of a purpose for this!!
Sell another novel (or six)-haha


Be in the groove of writing enough that I can have 2 or more books come out in the same year. Always have a contract pending on a book while writing my next one. 

LMAO, this last one makes me laugh, considering its a much longer term plan than I'd suspected..... I'm still stuck on year one 'sell a novel'.... but getting closer every day!