February 13th, 2008


P&P....revision request

So, the agent just sent over yet another rejection. Sort of. This one is a HEAVY revision request. The agent was hoping that the editor would be willing to take this on and then do the revisions but it was no-dice. I asked the agent to check back if she'd consider seeing a reworked PROPOSAL. The reason being that we're at the end of the line on submissions, and they're asking for A LOT. But I guess either way, I think I'm in. Even though I'm sick to death of revising this project....there's no way I could live without teh "what ifs" if I walked away at this point. Here's crossing my fingers that they'll accept a proposal. 

Basically, the editor wants PRADA & PREJUDICE To more closely mirror Pride & Prejudice. Right now all it has in common is the basic time period... when really I could take it so much further.

But it also means, essentially rewriting the whole novel.