February 6th, 2008



For those of you who've read DEVON DELANEY"S SECRET IDENTITY by laurenbarnholdt, there's another Aladdin Mix book for you to check out: CLASS FAVORITE by Taylor Morris.


Receiving flowers on Valentine's day sounds pretty sweet, right? Not when your mother sent them to congratulate you on "becoming a woman", aka the arrival of your first ever period. Even worse when you're in 8th grade, and the entire school knows about it. That's the set up for CLASS FAVORITE, and it just gets better from there. Taylor Morris does a great job of spinnig a sympathetic character without going overboard on the "bumbling, clumsy" heroine role. You'll be rooting for her until the very end!!

So check it out, guys-- its a fun, fast paced middle-grade novel that will appeal to anyone who likes realistic tween books.