February 5th, 2008



I haven't had a teaser to share in awhile, but here's a snippet from my Regency Historical:

 Alex sank further into his leather chair, rubbing his eyes and wishing his sister would somehow disappear.

      Just for a moment. Just long enough for him to think of some way out of this.

      “You’re nearly thirty, Alex. Don’t you think its time to think of the estate? You need an heir. I don’t know why you insist on dallying like this.”

      Alex stared at his sister for several long moments, no words coming to mind. He picked up his snifter of Brandy and swirled it around for a moment before taking a long swallow of the amber liquid, enjoying the burn as it slid down his throat.

      “Does it ever occur to you that you’re speaking the very same words that brought us into existence?”

      Lydia almost flinched. He could see the restraint on her face, the stoic mask she’d worked years to perfect. For a moment, he regretted reminding her of their parents. She sighed and moved to the chair across from him, carefully arranging her skirts before taking a seat. “I’m aware of that, but it doesn’t change the facts. You cannot wait forever to find a fairy tale. Let me find you a woman to marry. You can fall in love with her later,” she urged.

      “If I let you host a party, will you leave me be?”

      Her expression melted into a smile. “At least until it’s over.” She stood up and started to leave his study, then turned and studied him. “Not everyone who marries for duty ends up unhappy, Alex-- just as some who marry for love later find misery.” She turned on her heel and left him, the sounds of her skirts and footsteps echoing down the hall.