January 31st, 2008


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I came up with a new meme. I want everyone who is interested to post the title of your book, a one sentence pitch, and a single paragraph of the work—the first paragraph or your favorite paragraph, it doesn’t matter. I have three projects (one out on subs, one about to go out, one in WIP form) so I’ll share all three.



From PRADA AND PREJUDICE, about a sixteen year old girl goes on a class trip to England and ends up in 1810:

I could also run around asking if anyone knew where I could find a gap in the time-space continuum, but I figured that would land me in the loony bin before I could get any good information. Plus there was the chance I’d go all Quantum Leap and land somewhere else entirely. So that plan was out too. Can you believe this? I never thought my biggest fear was being the guy on Quantum Leap.



From GETTING CAUGHT, about two high school girls in a prank war that wont end until one of them gets caught:

I stare at him for a long moment. This can’t be right. Maybe it’s a test, like they ask you really weird questions and you’re supposed to know, like an inside joke or a secret handshake or something. I can actually feel my heart beating in my chest and I wonder if he can see my body move the slightest bit with each pulse. I think I could slide off the chair and pass out all in one motion.



And from YESTERDAY, about a girl who wakes up in bed with her best friend’s boyfriend—only to discover that her best friend is missing, and she might be the cause of her disappearance:

I sigh and stare back at my reflection. Who am I? When have I ever done something this... monumentally stupid and reckless? I’m a good girl. I was a good girl. The thought sends me to the toilet again and I puke three more times. My stomach is completely empty now. It still doesn’t help.