June 27th, 2006


Prada Update

So, it may seem like I'm slacking on Prada & Prejudice, since I wrote like 30K in 4 or 5 weeks and then stopped. But I was working on revisions for Jetsetters. And I couldnt' decide what to do with Prada, as I was at a kind of pivotal point in the plot.

But YAYYYYYYYYHOOOOO, I've passed the roadblock. With the help of my great crit partners, I've edited that 30K, and got a boost of confidence-- both of them liked it. Between Ronnie and Cyn, I also think I have the ending figured out. Something Ronnie said made me realize my options were very simple..... she said, 'I don't think its about being happy or sad. No matter what she chooses, it will be bittersweet."

And you know what? That's okay. Becuase for some reason I thought I had to tie it all up in a nice little bow and leave everyone happy. Disney movies being my favorite, and all. But I think in this case, the lesson the MC learns is ABOUT not having it all, not being spoiled and carefree when there's a whole world out there.

So....ONWARD!! I'm ready to move forward with the story. I also worked up a character sheet and am emailing it to my agent. . . becuase my character starts out the novel with the "I have it all" mentality, I'm treading a line of making her snarky and fun but still trying to make her empathetic....so with Nadia's help hopefully I can fine-tune her.

Anyway, here's the current progress....this bar is going to move soon!
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