December 29th, 2005



1. I read my first ever regency- The Bride's Necklace by Kat Martin. It inspired me in a way no other book ever has...I had NEVER read a regency, and I became virtually obsessed in 2.5 pages. My first full length (90,000 words) writing was done in February of this year, BECAUSE I read that book. It was a dreadful regency, because obviously I knew very little of the era.

2. I made tons of new writing friends. Lauren, Amanda, Ronnie, Kellie... I had so much fun getting to know them all through Email,IM LJ's, critiques... its amazing to have such talented people as friends, even if it IS only online.

3. I got married. 'Nuff Said.

4. Moved into a house on 5 acres and brought my horse, and I LOVE it.

5. Picked up the dream of being published, not just writing for fun. I've been writing for 3 or 4 years now, but strange as it sounds, I'd never been one to say "I WANT TO BE PUBLISHED." I just loved writing, and I was ok with JUST writing for fun. Somehow along the way this year it turned into a dream, and it grew fro there.

6. Sent queries out and was promptly rejected...but it made it feel real, so i have to be thankful for it.

7. Sent a proposal to Penguin for a SASS book, and they actually wrote back saying the found "A LOT TO LIKE" and "THE TONE WAS JUST RIGHT.." I realized that WOW, an editor actually didn't laugh at my writing? AND she wants me to revise and resubmit?

8. Got super close to scoring an uber-fabulous, amazing agent. Things are still shaking out, so I dont have much to report, but I'm VERY excited about finding out how thiings go in 2006.

9. Read. A LOT. Found some new favorite books, new favorite authors...and drove the new husband mad with all my reading. Carly Phillips, Mary Janice Davidson, Julia Quinn, Kat Martin...they all go on the list.

10. IMPROVED my writing. Now, when I look back on that regency that i felt so good about, I laugh. I read a lot of stuff on craft, went througha lot of critiques...and learned a lot about my own writing, and my strengths and weaknesses. Some of those weaknesses, now that I'm aware of them, have moved over to the strength side of things.

Well, that's about it for now!! Here's to hoping 2006 tops 2005!
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