December 27th, 2005


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FIFTEEN THINGS ABOUT ME & MY WRITING: (Stolen from Bananagirl19)

15. Sometimes I can write 30 pages in a day. Sometiems I can only write 3.

14. Characterzation is my weakest point.

13. I have to close the door to the office, or hearing dave and the TV will distract me.

12. I write for a while, then check my email, then write again. I rarely just sit and write for a long period of time.

11. I ALWAYS write with word count in mind. I just can't make myself forget that I have to reach a certain magic number.

10. Music is my friend.

9. I write chick lit/contemporary, historical romance and YA, but it always has to have romance in it...I guess I'm just a romance nut.

8. I email my stories to myself on an almost daily basis, because I'm afraid I'll lose my work. And that would just suck.

7. I love reading THE CALL stories, and it helps re-energize me to focus on my writing.

6. My husband sometimes feels ignored, becuase I can spend 3 hours of the evening, M-F, writing.

5. Sometimes sitting at the computer with a bag of chips and a diet coke is better than watching a movie or reading a book.

4. When a project is going well, I fall asleep thinking about the characters and dreaming up their next scene. I do my best pre-writing in the moments before I succumb to sleep.

3. I LOVE sharing my writing with people, but it also makes me nervous.

2. I HATE telling people about the plot/story line in person, esepecially non-writers, becuase I feel like a dork trying to explain my characters.

1. I seek validation just as much as any other writer, and a compliment on my writing can make me happy for hours.
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