December 26th, 2005


Opposites Attract

Husband: You got almost $50 in book store gift cards.
ME: I know, I'm so excited to go get some books.
HUSBAND: You could go return one, if you want. $50 is a lot of books.
ME: NO WAY!! Are you crazy? Fifty bucks might be enough to get me through February.
HUSBAND: You just read three books in the last two weeks.
ME: So?

My husband thinks that book stores & libraries stink. He's SO not a reader. Funny, that he'd end up married to someone on the opposite end of the spectrum.
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Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
91 / 95

SAM is done, with the exception of some editing. I don't know if I should do MS word count, or MS formatting count (One page= 250 words.) I'm starting in on Jayla today. She's the one that I can use some of my previous stuff from...pretty much the ONLY one I can use. There's one chapter that I can use for Melinda too...but that's it.

If I managed to write Jayla in a week, I'd be estatic. I think the 18,000 word week was a fluke...we'll see.