December 22nd, 2005


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Another day...another twenty pages. Current progress on "THE JETSETTER'S SOCIAL CLUB- SAM"

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83 / 100

I've resigned to the fact that the pace of my stories always picks up at the end, and I have to go back and flesh things out... get the readers to make the logical jump that I seem to make in my head.

I haven't decided whether or not to let Sam's story finish in the final group chapter, or let it finish in her section. I'm highly tempted by both options. I think if I go back and add one more chapter in the midst to develop the main relationship, I'l be at her full 100 pages.

In all, I think i'll be done with Sams story tommorrow.
Yes, I wrote 1/4 of the book- the entire story of one character, in 5 days.