December 20th, 2005



I'm totally excited I've been working on character sheets and plotting ideas with Kellie, a friend of mine from good 'ol Enumscratch. (Enumclaw- my hometown.)

Anyway, she's so good at this stuff...she's given me so many ideas and now it makes me wish this was a written and published book so I could buy it and see how it turns out! Writing things takes so much longer than reading them. teehee. But I'm almost MORE excited that it will be MY book that tells the story!!

This book as an adult book is WAY better than the Young Adult version. YAY for the person who suggested it be an adult book.

Since it is a 4 character book, revolving between them...I've decided to write one character's story at a time. Each story is one hundred pages, and will later be put together to equal 400 pages. Therefore, my little completion bar will look like this for the first one:
Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
14 / 100

I'm scrapping a lot of what I wrote already. There's really only one character whose chapters are salvageable with minor re-writes.

OH! I'm so excited. This is the stage of writing where you feel like its pure genius.


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Someone just called me from the 212 area code.

It totally had nothing to do with my writing.

How dare they get my hopes up??


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