December 7th, 2005


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There's been a lot afoot in the writing world for me over the past 48 hours. I wrote a chapter in two of my WIP's yesterday, and a chapter in my newer YA wip today. All three are going well, although the one that's the furthest needs the most work but then I already knew that.

Also something else rather interesting, but I think Ronni's superstitious-ness has rubbed off on me, becuase I don't want to say what it is.

Third, through an unlikely chain of events, I've found a hometown writer that I went to school with (ok, So I think technically she graduated before my freshman year and I just barely missed her.) SO COOL! i don't have any "real life" writer friends, just cyber-life writer friends. I'm excited about that one.

The unlikely chain of events? I e-mailed a published author via her website for more info on one of her books and the line it is in, and she knew someone from my hometown! Its SUCH a small world. (afterall.)

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