November 30th, 2005


Let it snow....

Yesterday was fun. It was supposed to snow the night before, but when I got up there was nothing. SO not cool.

Let me point something out here. Snow, in my town, is a once or twice a year event. Some winters we go without it all together. Snow in the forecast is enough to prompt tripley long weather forecasts in the news, with lots of maps and speculation.

At ten, it started snowing. Beautiful, HUGE white flakes. At Noon, they closed the offices and sent us all home. yAYA!!! So I spent the afternoon cozy in doors, watching my dog sleep curled up on the heater vent.

Anywho, I'll let ya'll know if I hear anything from Penguin. I sent it in last monday, and today is Wednesay of the following week. That's exactly how many days it took to get the first letter- minus the fact that thursday was Thanksgiving.

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