November 23rd, 2005


Waiting Sux

Turned my revised proposal in yesterday. Now I get to sit & wait. In the mean time to take my mind off of it, I really should work on something else. Just oen problem.

I really really can't decide what to write next...I love so many kinds of books, and writing one takes sooo much committment.

I love my regencies...I have one started, 4 chapters in, that is going really well. The problem is, they're SO hard to right...everything needs to be accurate- what they eat, what they wear, the words they say...its tough. Worth it, but tough. I LOVE regencies, but I feel like NO ONE "GETS" them. If I were published in them, I dont think anyone I know would buy them. They'e like, what? What's a regency?

I have 2 YA's that I started...both about 15 pages in.

And finally, my Chicklit that is over half done. The Chicklit I've known for a long time was just for fun until its done and I can extensively rewrite it, becuase it needs more direction. I love the voice of it, but the plot stinks. My heroine is well developed, but the hero is MEANT to be a bit mysterious and one sided, becuase its in first person, and he's hiding who he is. But where is the line between who I want him to be, and him seeming like a boring one sided character?

Yep, that's 4 WIPS. I commonly work on 2 becuase I like 2 distintcly different Genres, so its not a big deal. Whichever mood I"m in is which one I work on.

The part I'm curious about is whether or not I can turn around, should Penguin reject me (gosh I hope they dont) and work on turning my proposal into a finished MS. Is that allowed? They technically created the idea. But how can you claim dibbs on any book about a study abroad student?