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November 20th, 2005


Well, the revisions are going swimmingly. I changed the main element in the story once, realized it was still quite similar to another SASS book, and changed it again. This time, I'm sure its unique, and good too. I think the editor will like it.. and I definitely think its improved. I can totally see the things that she pointed out. HOpefully the changes are enough to make her want to buy it.

The biggest thiing for me was that she had almost no problems with teh chapters- all of her revision requests were the PLOT.... that means that she thought my actual writing was fine! She said there was 'alot to like" in my chapters, and that my tone was good...thats a big confidence boost. Now that I've changed the synopsis all around, i can work on changing the chapters to reflect the new plot. To be honest, there will only be small changes. The first three chapters had barely gotten into the plot points that she didn't like.

In any case, I'm submitting my revised proposal this week...either tommorrow or Tuesday. Probably Tuesday. I wish it weren't a holiday, because I know she probably wont get back to me this week. Oh well!
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