November 17th, 2005


The Revisions...

Is it good or bad that I've already started on Revisions? I think good. I'm excited.

And actually, I LIKE the things that I'm doing. Makes it less contrived..more like real life. I can see where my previous plot was skewed towards the negative, and I think this new version is more about the character and HER story, not just a character IN a story. I havne't gotten far, but the ideas are percolating.

In an ode to Lauren and Robyn and their super-cool posts, I'm going to say that something else is in the works and is ultra exciting, but I dont want to curse it, so I'm not giong to say. More to come in a couple weeks.

I'm excited to read the book that the editor sent me too, becuase it just seems so cool to receive it that it gives the book an extra special quality.

Thank god for laptops too. The Hubby wants me to accompany him on a day long hunting trip. I plan to sit in the truck and write & read. Mwahaha! Teach him to drag me hunting!

Anywho, thanks so much to everyone who offered their congratulations!