November 16th, 2005


No good news?

(Sorry for the x-post, i put this on "novel writers" as well. )

Hm. So, not that I'm counting, but its been 8 [business] days since I turned in my proposal. Thanks to the loverly LJ world, I've learned that someone else turned in a proposal a day after me, and got a no a few days later. So, I'm hoping that No news is good news. Could it be that its taking longer becuase, instead of being able to easily reject my work, she's taking it into consideration? That maybe she's showing it to someone else, or getting official approval or something?

I hate waiting. Usually, I'm uber patient...but when i get excited about something, that patience disappears really, really fast.

Anywho, I wish I knew, but I don't, so I don't have much to share with ya'll. I'm not writing much right now, becuase I'm thinking too much about my proposal stuff. Hopefully this up in the air feeling goes away, stat.

It also sucks that I'm on the west coast, so by 2:00 I'm figuring the NY'ers have gone home for the day. SO annoying.


Today when I got home, a big white package was sitting on my stoop. When I saw the return label of "PENGUIN GROUP USA", I started to freak out. Then i was like "wait, it could be the ARC copy that I'm expecting." Lara Zeises ( is sending me a copy of her book, so i was like, ok...don't freak out. Maybe penguin is her publisher. I could tell by the feeling of the tyvek envelope that there was a book inside.

So i get inside, turn the light on, and try my best to rip open the envelope. it didn't work. I had to get a knife and cut it open.

Out falls a book, and its not Zeises's. Its an SASS book, Pardon my French.

Freaking out more now, I flip the letter over and frantically scanned the page.

She wants me to revise some points. There, i said it. However, she did have these compliments:

"We found a lot to like here, and i think you have a good grasp of what we're looking for in an SASS novel. The writing in your chapters is good, and your tone is right for the series...and we like the inclusion of a blog, and think you did a nice job of incorporating it into the text."

From there she hit on the plot points she was concerned about, partly becuase she didn't want my book to be similar to any other SASS book, and partly becuase she felt my plot focused more on the negative than th epositive of her experience in the netherlands.

The letter closed saying that My sample has potential, and if I'd like to revise these plot points, she'd like to see it again.


Freaking out too much to write anymore.