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November 8th, 2005

The editor emailed me this morning, just to say "Thanks. I'll get back to you soon."

So she got it. She might have even read it. Who knows! I'm excited to find out what she thinks, even if its negative. We'll see.

I did read the third book in the series, "Spain or Shine." I have mixed feelings about it. It was good..the author wrote pretty well, but I didn't feel that it was "authentically teen" as I hear so often said. The writer just didnt seem to encompass that teen mentality. NOw, I dont konw if I do either, but reading it, I didn't feel that it would appeal too the average teenager..it was a little more 'goody-goody' than my taste.

Still, i think the author will be able to find a future in writing, once she finds that niche market she's after.

My lunch break rocked, like whoa. (Sorry Lauren, it doesn't work for me either.)

I had my first "almost-professional" writer moment. I went to the library to kill some time, becuase yesterday going home for lunch was totally boring. No internet, no tv...just me & the dog & a box of Mac N cheese. So today, I go to the library. First i picked up the new carly phillips book, then a DVD (lost in translation) and then I stood in line for two seconds and then decided to pick up some books about the Netherlands, becuase I thought it would be good for research.

So then the librarian is checking me out (or my books out, whatever.) and she asks if I'm going to the Netherlands. I say no, I'm writing a book set there.

It was like 'BING!' the lightbulb in her head went off. She had a thousand questions...ESPECIALLY when i said that I'd submitted it to a publisher. She wanted to know if the pub did plays, and how i heard about it, and did I know any agents that repped plays. I was like ...uhh..I dunno. LOL. It was soo weird though, being on the other side of the divide, where a fellow aspiring writer asks ME questions for advice.

I decided today, if I should ever get to the point that I AM published, that I will help out other writers....I dont know how, but somehow I will. :-D. And that is my promise.

Anywho, That's all for now. Still nervous as all heck about my propsoal, and the fact that I re-read it today and found 2 typos (out of thirty pages...so its not terrible.) but I just hate how you read something a thousand times, and then as soon as you send it, a glaring error pops out at you! GR!

Off to crit some stuff for my critique partner....

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