November 4th, 2005


Yesterday was my birthday...

Yesterday was my bday. For some reason I was in a crummy mood too. It just wasn't a birthday-esque day, I guess.

I had to work, becuase I alrady took 2 days off to move. My mom bought me lunch at NY deli, but they didnt have any pasta, my fav. :-(. My mom gave me money and so did my grandma. Dave gave me flowers, a gretchen wilson CD, and he bought a cake, which inadvertantly had cherries in it. I can't blame him, becuase it just said "Black forest cake" and he didnt know that meant chocolate + cherries. But its ok, it was just a few, so picked htem out.

He had to go to class, because he had to make up a test, so i watched sisterhood of the traveling pants. It was better than I'd expected. So then I decided to finish my YA proposal, becuase that only involved writing another few hundred words. Now, when I'm a famous published author (haha) I can say that I finished my first successul proposal on my twenty-third birthday. Wishful thinking, perhaps, but oh well.

Then, this morning, as a belated happy birthday gift, my horse kicked me. It wasn't his fault, the dog ran up on him, and it scared him or made him mad, one of the two, and he spun and tried to kick the dog. Luckily for him, he ran behind me and i played human shield. I now have a giant welt/bruise that will probably be purple by this time tommorrow.

Well, anyway, the one good thing is that I now have plenty of time to focus on editing the proposal and making it as good as it possible can be.

And to those that asked, I DO intend to finish I"ll mess with Texas, but right now, with a YA that is being sent to an actual PUBLISHER, ILL MESS has taken a back seat. If you read my FP page, I'm just on a short hiatus...which will become longer if this YA is accepted.

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I thought I'd share this:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
6,400 / 45,000

I think its cool....its the current progress of my YA, GOING DUTCH. With Ronni's help (thank god for that- HI Ronnie!!) I think I've tightened it up quite a bit. I'm going to print it and work on it at home, becuase reading on paper always seems to make it easier to spot more issues.

And then there is this:

Zokutou word meter
6,400 / 6,000

That's how many words Ihad to write JUST for the proposal, which means -GASP- its done!! Yowza...I'm going to email it off on monday or tuesday, and then hold my breath until I turn blue. lol.