November 2nd, 2005


Update on the YA...

Ok, I'm currently working on chapter 3 of my story, GOING DUTCH. I'm worried about Chapter 2, because I dont think its that good. Hm. I cant figure out what to do with it though. Its the heroine in the airport, and I think I need it, but it seems dry to me.

I do love the way Chapter 3 starts though..its a blog entry. I plan to use them to start a chapter, probably every 2 or 3 chappies. Being that its a YA, I think that makes it feel authentic. I also plan to put emails in there at one point or another.

The due date is closing in. November 15th.... 13 days! ACK! I really hope that it goes well.... Thanks to Ronnie I'll atleast know that the obvious stuff has been fixed.